Using Seal Report in the Cloud

Get your Seal Instance to deploy and use the full power and flexibility of Seal Report in the Cloud, all within minutes !

Have the full control of your Repository files to configure your settings (configuration, security) and to upload your data sources, devices and report definitions.

Take profit and use the best features offered by Seal Report (installed by default with all Seal Instances).

Do not loose time on installation and exploitation: Focus on Data Sources and Reports design.

Let your advanced end-users design, modify or schedule reports with the Web Report Designer.

Make sure that a Seal Instance fits all your requirements and start your Free Instance on a shared server.

Order a Dedicated Server if you have an extensive use of Seal Report and if you want to master your workload and customize your installation.

Features included

Report Scheduler

Schedule and generate your report result automatically.

The Seal Instance is installed with a running Seal Scheduler service.

PDF/Excel Converter

Generate your report results in native PDF or Excel format.

Check all the PDF and Excel Converter features.

Web Report Designer

Edit and schedule reports from any Web Browser.

Check all the Web Report Designer features.

EMail Device

Send your report results and alerts by Email.

Configure an Email device with SendGrid that can be used in your reports.

Audit Database

Monitor all the activities on your Seal Instance.

An Audit Data Source and database is ready for your Seal Instance.

Database upload

Query your own MS SQLServer or MySql databases on the server.

Custom MS SQLServer or MySql databases can be uploaded to your repository.


Free on Shared Server

Free / No Credit Card

  • 1 Instance
  • 2 GB of Repository Storage
  • Web Report Designer
  • Limited to 2 connections
  • Evaluation of Pdf and Excel Converter

Shared Server


  • 1 Instance
  • 2 GB of Repository Storage
  • Web Report Designer
  • Unlimited connections
  • Pdf and Excel Converter



for subscriptions with payment by wire transfer

Dedicated Server

From €380/month

  • Unlimited instances on the server
  • 8vCore Processor
  • From 8 GB of Memory
  • From 160 GB of Storage
  • Custom VPN Connection to your databases
  • Custom Databases
  • Custom Domain names and certificates
  • Note: Requires a Setup Fee (from €600)